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TK Liner Table

TheThe Tin Knocker manual insulation cutter slits fiberglass insulation to length and width. Material is fed into the machine with a crank handle. The desired width is immediately cut with the adjustable slitter blade while the insulation is fed into the blade. The embedded scale makes for fast and accurate cutting.

Once the material is at the desired length the operator pulls the handle, quickly and efficiently slitting the insulation to length with the crosscut blade. The result is a simple and easy way to make repeatable cuts to fiberglass insulation.

This machines ships knocked down. Assembly is easy but please call Tin Knockers if you have any questions

TK Liner Table
TK Liner Table

TK liner table

  • Roll width 60” Max
  • Roll Diameter 40” Max
  • Liner Thickness ½ to 2”
  • Liner Density 1 ½ to 3 lb
  • Payoff reel, adjustable width
  • Quick cut slitter, length & width
  • Embedded scale for fast slitting to width
  • 270 lbs.
  • 79″ x 28″ x 24″


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