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Bar Folders

TK No. 30 Bar folder


TK 1660 Duct Beader

Benders Manual

TK No. 30 Cleat Bender

TK No. 30 Power Cleat Bender

TK No. 24 Cheek Bender (2 Sided)

Brakes Manual

TK 2248 Box & Pan

TK 1648 Box and Pan

TK 622 Brake

TK 616 Brake

TK 422 Portable Brake

TK 816 Leaf Brake

TK 1016 Leaf Brake

TK Letter Brake

Combo Machines

TK 724 Combination Machine

TK Power Crimper Beader

TK Manual Crimper Beader

Flanger & Flanging Attachments

TK Manual Flanger

TK 20 Ga. Flanging Attachment

TK 24 Ga. Flanging attachment

TK No. 20 Power Flanger w/Stand

TK No. 16 Power Flanger


TK Pittsburgh Air Hammer


TK Angle Iron Worker

TK Hydraulic Corner Notcher

TK Drive Cleat Notcher

TK 1655 Notcher

TK Edge Notcher

TK 1016 Duct Notcher

Plasma Table

The Wizard 5×10 HVAC Plasma System


TK 18 Station Turret Punch


TK 1648 Manual Slip Roll

TK 2236 Manual Slip Roll

TK 2450 Manual Slip Rolls

Roll Formers

TK Hem and Kick Roll Former

TK 24 Ga. Pitts. with Stand

TK 24 Ga. Pitts w/Stand & Flange

TK 16 Ga. Pitts Choice of Opposing Rolls

TK No. 24 Collar Maker

TK 20 Ga. Pitts. (With Choice of Drive Cleat or Acme Rolls)

TK 20 Ga. Button Lock

TK S&Drive Plus Cleat Former (5HP,230/3/60)

TK Fourplex S & Drive w/Slitter Attach

TK T-D-P Roll Former w/TDP & Clip Rolls


TK Circle Shear

TK No. 1 Hand Shear

TK No. 2 Hand Shear

TK 1652 Foot Shear

TK Jacketing Shear

TK 1652 Hydraulic Shear

TK 1014 Air Shear


TK Gang Slitter

TK 1624 Slitter

TK 2024 Slitter

TK Liner Table

Spot Welders

TK 1524 Spot Welder, Foot Operated

F100 Cordless Stud Welder

Pro Fab 25 KVA Air Operated Fully Automatic Spot Welder


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